Waziri’s Vol. 1 – Out Wherever You Listen



We’re excited to announce that Alhaji Waziri Oshomah’s Vol. 1 is out.

Vol. 1 is the first in a five-part series that Alhaji Waziri Oshomah made at the height of his career, when his music took on a more spiritually potent—and funkier—character. These were the years just before he completed the hajj, when he was stepping into the important spiritual role he would play in his community.

For those of you meeting Waziri for the first time, here’s what to know about him: He hails from a special part of Edo State in southern Nigeria called Afemailand, known for being a harmonious region where Muslims and Christians live—and dance—together. There, as a devout Muslim, Waziri’s music fuses Etsako/Afemai folk styles with pan-Nigerian highlife and pop to create a sublime vehicle for his Islamic philosophy that gets everyone—Muslims, Christians, whoever—on the dancefloor.

If you’re interested in going deeper into Waziri’s music, the complete series, Vol. 1-5 (1978-1985), is now available for the first time in a box: https://luakabop.lnk.to/waziri-box-set-vol-1-5


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