March 7, 2012

The production duo Javelin have covered some ground in the two years since Luaka Bop loosed their genre-hopping LP No Más. They’ve carved out a niche uniquely their own- a pastiche of live music and recreated samples played live – with a hard focus on melody that pretty much makes anything they touch simply, ‘the jam.’

So it goes: Providence warehouse parties to Brooklyn warehouse parties. Pitchfork. Stop. Luaka Bop. Whitney Museum. Tours with Yeasayer, Girl Talk, Matt & Kim. Stop. Remixes for Future Islands, Health. Production work for hip-hop moguls and pop divas. Stop.

The National Weather Service predicts the appearance of Javelin’s long awaited follow up to No Más in the fourth quarter of 2012. To sate you, Luaka Bop will now put a finger in your yearning dyke.

Prior to the release of No Más, Javelin issued two limited edition 12”’s with Thrill Jockey. Now collector’s pieces, Javelin and Javelin 2 were held to 500 copies each and never made the light of a digital day. Taken together, the EPs contain some live set staples and fan favorites including the ferocious 8-bit homage ‘Soda Popinski,’ the flat ass-popper ‘Beyondce,’ and the sublime statement of intent ‘Radio.’

Listen now. It’s preternaturally spring. Might as well be summer.
Take these jams.

EP2 Album Art