Estudando o Pagode: Na Opereta Segregamulher E Amor

Tom Zé

April 11, 2006

Tom Zé ? An operetta? Really?

There are those who might wonder how this outsider wizard of Brazilian song, whose contributions to tropicalia and everything after have gleefully poked at and toyed with and mangled tradition, might pull off such a grandiose thing. Zé resides far from cultural “acceptance”, after all. He’s a song insurgent. A teller of short and wonderful tales, some kissed with a magic realism and others a dada sense of juxtapositional delight. A key endearing trait of his texts is their unhingedness: Zé isn’t known for selling one big idea through verse after repetitive verse. He skips around, starts stories in the middle. A connected work with a defined narrative arc, like an operetta, hasn’t, to this point, been part of his playbook.

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