Susana Baca

Susana Baca

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Susana Baca’s singing – sometimes plaintive, sometimes a purr, always evocative – hangs gracefully over sophisticated songs, equal parts rhythm and emotion. “Ms. Baca, with her cool, distinct voice, as beautiful as any working in pop, has the strength to create her own tradition.” The New York Times

Is it rhythm, merely rhythm, that moves my heart? Is it merely the rhythm of the words, the cadence of falling notes that floods me with longing, calling to me?

Does rhythm have memory, can it travel through time and make the old forever new? Can it tell us of other nights, caress us? Does it have a feeling, to make us dance alive in our skin?

All the songs that make up this record carry a life force flowing from the different rhythms comprising the rich and varied world of Peruvian culture. They are the ancestral rhythms of the grandparents who told us their stories, the mestizo rhythms of religious processions, the rhythms of cadence searching for words in poetry, and the eternal rhythm of the heart and celebration.

Our greatest challenge is to find the one true rhythm of freedom—something like the wind that allows a bird to fly, or a new language more powerful than speech, that holds you. -Susana Baca

The cover of the Susana Baca

1. negra presentuosa
2. molino molero
3. heces
4. tu mirada y mi voz
5. zamba malató
6. luna llena

7. caras lindas
8. se me van los pies
9. enciéndete candela
10. señor de los milagros
11. the anchor song