Treasure Trove of Brazilian Music


When we started Luaka Bop 30 years ago(!!!), Brazilian music wasn’t known like it is today. Maybe you had an old bossa nova record, or you had heard “The Girl from Ipanema” countless times at any number of restaurants.

What you probably didn’t know was the music of Jorge Ben Jor, Milton Nascimento, or Caetano Veloso. Perhaps you knew that samba was associated with carnival, and you definitely didn’t know what forró was.

30 years have gone by, and that’s all changed. And we’d like to think that we did our little bit to help by putting out Brazil Classics 1, 2, 3 — the first release on the label. It's sold over 400,000 copies and inspired countless younger musicians and inspired music lovers dive into the treasure trove of Brazilian music.

To celebrate that, we're reissuing them in a boxset featuring blue, yellow and green colored vinyl exclusively for Record Store Day 2019.

Compiled by David Byrne, he’s included new liner notes for the release. He writes, “These records were not meant as a snapshot of Brazilian music being made at the time, instead they looked back over proceedings decades to give an inkling of the riches and pleasures to be found beyond the usual cliches.” Indeed, riches and pleasures that we’re still enjoying today.

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