Live at The Lot Radio: Staples Jr. Singers Perform “When Do We Get Paid”



This is an open letter to everyone who attended the Staples Jr. Singers shows this past weekend.

They drove over 30 hours, they sang until they lost their voices, they played four shows in just 24 hours. Was it worth it? More than. For the Staples Jr. Singers, it was life changing. As the guitarist R.C. put it: “I wish I’d experienced love like that earlier in my life.”

I wish I’d experienced love like that earlier in my life.

They wanted us to thank each and every one of you for coming out and supporting them and hearing them play, and giving them such a warm welcome to New York—it was their first trip up here, but it won’t be their last.

We thought we’d share a clip of the Staples Jr. Singers’ performing “When Do We Get Paid” live from the Lot Radio. This was the opening track of their set, following Lovie’s great DJ set. We hope this can bring you back to that dreamy place we often found ourselves in while watching them play.

Their friends Adam, Jacques and Cole filmed them throughout the weekend, and we’ll be back in touch when their footage is ready to share. If you want to stay up to date with them, follow them on Instagram or Facebook, and bookmark their website, And if you haven’t pre-ordered the record yet, here’s your chance.

Thank you again for helping make the Staples Jr. Singers’ first trip to New York so special.


Edward, R.C., Annie, Willie Sr. (aka “Joe”), Willie Jr. (aka “Junior”), Troy & Jaylin of the Staples Jr. Singers, and Eric, Eliza, and Yale of Luaka Bop

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