Doug Hream Blunt the movie


At some point in your life or maybe all your life you’ve wanted to be in a band and play for adoring fans. Right?

Male nurse turned Luaka artist / cult icon Doug Hream Blunt wanted that too and at the age of 35 sought to make it happen by signing up for a class called ‘How To Form A Band’. Thirty years later Luaka Bop released My Name Is Doug Hream Blunt and catapulted Doug to superstardom.

Now available for the first time to you, the masses, is a wonderful film called ‘HREAM: A Documentary About Doug Hream Blunt’ that tells this story and charts how Doug went from performing only for his hospital patients at the Laguna Honda Hospital to playing shows in New York City, Los Angeles, Moscow and Tasmania with a bunch of amateurs, semi-professional and professional musicians from all over the world and even some actually pretty famous people like Peanut Butter Wolf and David Byrne. It premiered last week in The Quietus, who said: “Hug’s film is terrific…. It presents in Blunt a truly inspirational figure, whose enthusiasm for life and music is at the film’s heart.”

Maybe we shouldn’t say that his enthusiasm is infectious as that is a pretty bad choice of words right now but I don’t really know another word (contagious? even worse) and it will infect you in the good, warming-your-heart kind of way.

Watch ‘HREAM’ via The Quietus (and read an exclusive interview of Doug and the film’s director), or on Amazon Prime (free for Prime subscribers) or on Vimeo-on-Demand (for a small fee) and remember to keep dreaming.

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