To feel like both the tortoise and the hare
To feel like the hunter and the prey
All is fair game in love and war
So I think what would Superman do if he were me
He’d start running and head for the hills
Well, well, well no, no, not me
I sit and blink to erase the view
But there’s still visions of voodoo and you
I dance to ward off the hounds of hell and yell
Life is a piece of cake
Who’s that girl so tough and acting rough and ready
She’s biting on weeks old candied necklace saying
“Blah la la, my words wander. My mouth has run dry.
I have no more to say (hey, hey, hey).
If you want more of me then squeeze water from the moon.
Draw me in, lure me, like pulled taut chewing gum.
You and your, me and my stupid happiness.
No one’s daring you.”
Life’s a piece of cake
Insects are whispering in my ear
They say you’re not leaving anymore
Travel only tends to bore you
Look in the mirror you’ve stretched into a cartoon
Life’s a piece of cake
I’ll be leaving you — I believe in you
I’ll be leaving you — I believe in you
Piece of cake