Lucila Campos
Performed by Lucila Campos
Written by Nicómedes Santa Cruz
From the album: Quimba, Lisura y Sabor
©1974 El Virrey 1261

Sãmba Malato appears here in creolized form from the Bantu language KiKôngo which is spoken in the Kôngo cultural region located in parts of Angola, the Congo and Republic of Congo.

Samba Malato, Lando
Back home we dance the samba
Always step by step, rhythmically
The samba is paraded to be seen
Samba Malato, Lando
In our villages
With samba, we remember
We speak about our settlements
Which are very old
It is the history of our people
Come here, Petité, like that!
And here’s Chocolate!
The samba is paraded to be seen
Samba Malato, Lando

The word Sãmba is the name of a traditional Kôngo dance, in which a man wears a layered fabric and when he dances, he throws the fabric forward with his legs while dancing toward the woman, inviting her to dance.
Malato is a deformation of two words; mala and eto. Mala/eto is an archaic expression for “in our villages” i.e. in our tradition back home.
Lândo is a deformation of the verb Lânda meaning to follow or go in steps one after the other. The “o” at the end is an expression of happiness.