Chabuca Granda
Performed by Chabuca Granda
Written by Chabuca Granda
From the album: Tarimba Negra
©1978 Cintas Sono Radio 430-licensed from Divensa

Lando, Lando always with you and with me
A rose on the shoulder and a star on the face
In the hand a sunrise and a sleeping lark
In the smile the disappointment of a forgotten offense
In the blood the silence of a burning pyre

Lando, Lando, I will always be with you
Moon on a boat, heart of blue stone
Root of the tree of dreams, rain of wine
Alabaster song, a turn of the heart
A window to silence, sheltered harbor

Lando, Lando , I will only be with you
Lark that wakes up, on some shore of time
Stream and some rose, if she is awake

Lando, Lando, also with you
Forgetful soldier, the price of solitude
Island in the center of the sun, harbor of the wind
Ashes of wood in the moon, a mirror of memories
A mountain in the Andes, a hidden river, a detained ocean
And refugeed in the soul, a fountain of earth
I am my land