AZUCAR DE CAÑA (Sugarcane)
Eva Ayllón
Performed by Eva Ayllón
Written by Daniel “Kiri” Escobar
From the album: Para Mi Gente
©1985 Discos Independientes

Let’s go! Get in line!

I go out every morning to cut the cane
A morning star always accompanies me
Sickle in my hand, heart of wine
The river, my brother, harvests my destiny

The sun comes out from behind the mountain
Flooding the entire valley with the fragrance of the sugarcane

Tonight in my cabin
I’m going to dance hip to hip with my love to this song

Straw hat
Bossy woman
Guarapo juice
Sugar, sugar

The stones groan, grinding the cane
Guarapo juice burns my insides
Night of harvest, sugarcane grower’s moon
When will this rocky valley be mine?