Nora, this letter I must write
Although it cannot reach your eyes
Where your buried body lies
But thanks to you, we now unite
To defend the future’s youth.
We never cease to hear your cries
Repeated still from mouth to mouth
East to West, North to South.
Your memory shall endure
By this our song kept ever green.
Killed by your brothers, just sixteen.
Hard as it is to tell this truth...

To justify their crime
They invoked the usual claim:
“Ancestral law her death decreed.
She went too far, she brought us shame.”

What we fear does come to pass
You die for a word, an idea, alas!
You were a flower in its prime
Nora, of beauty pure
Victim of a wicked deed.
And in your heart: the beauty of the world...

For you and our sisters we shall sing
Mountains we shall move
Our words will be sharp and cutting
They will uphold our dignity
Which many seek to disprove
Truth is a clear refreshing spring.