Is it a dream?
Is it an omen?
I pity my people
Men and women of my country
Adversaries still.
One word is enough
To move forward

Heirs to the future:
Your freedom lies before you
You have waited forever...
Your new life is beginning.

In the spring
Nature is reborn.
Hand in hand
Boys and girls
Take the road to freedom!

Mountains of Djur djura!
Jewels beyond value!
We shall defend you to the death.
Our Algeria needs you.
Remember the cry of the Kahina...

Your call rings out
From the mountain top
But everyone has already joined you.
The children are marching through the fields.
Listen to their song of victory!


* This song was a hymn during the Algerian war. Today, these
voices are those of the youth who sing about their victory.