Brazil Classics 5 Lyrics

Brazil Classics 5: The Return of Tom Ze - The Hips of Tradition

The Hips of Tradition
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All Lyrics by Tom Zé

Ogodô, Ano 2000
Ogodô, Year 2,000


African drum
Year-2,000 [Repeat]
Twenty-0-0 [Repeat]

The science in her trance
Will make the sign of the cross
And we’ll light bonfires
To appreciate the electric bulb.

(Inspired by the thesis on linguistics by Stanislaw Len, The Incredible Congress on Futurology. -Zé)
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Sem a Letra “A”
Without the Letter “A”


Without you we won’t even have sadness
To lament.
Without you, no longing till death
Or even weeping
For there is no weeping
And love?
Love will disappear.
And love?
No one will remember to remember.
And love?
If it’s lost, no one will be moved to move by a glance.
And love?
Empty word no one will make
Will make love
Will make love
Will make love

(From a children’s stage-play by Elifas Andreato called Sem Você não “A”, in which the letter “A” runs away from the alphabet. -Zé)

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Sofro da Juventude
I Suffer From Youth


I suffer from youth.
That damned thing.
When it’s almost ready,
It falls apart and fries.

Deny the mouth of the Father
To discover for myself,
Despair of myslf in fear
Before every secret.

Oh my Father, the director and the honorable judge
Judge, judge, judge.
Threw me in the ditch
Where I hear:
Bone bone bone.
In sweet pleasures and in torture
In full orgasm,
That buzzard, that alighting
Prepares me,
Separates me
From the seed:
I hear, I hear, I hear
And cloak myself
In the plague
For the feast of the colossus.

(I made this song listening to the songs of the young rock composers of Brazil. -Zé)

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There It Is


There it is, I did everything to make you like me
Ai, my dear, don’t do me this way, don’t
You’ve got, you’ve got to give me your heart.

This tale of falling for someone
Is some mania that people have
If Our Lord would help me
I would no longer think of love.

There it is.

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Iracema, I always said
Be careful when you cross the street
I told you, but you didn’t listen
Iracema, you crossed against traffic.

(My interpretation was inspired by the difficulty of daily life in São Paulo. -Zé)

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Flip, the crazy commander
With his little coin
Wants to make war
On earth.

He offers a truck,
And his belt
That never fails in battle,
And in his room tightens with her
The third washer
Of love, the violent one.
With the lollipop of science ááá
With the lollipop of science ááá
For the lollipop of science áá
For the lollipop of science
I beseech

(...clandestine’s solitude in Childhood’s End by Arthur Clarke. -Zé)

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To expose the hips of tradition
To the burning iron of ads

É Tatuarambá
Ô, Ô, Ô, Ô Make naked the body in samba bá ba
Ê, Ê, Ê, Ê To defile the body in Samba
Hold the samba’s ass, that’s it, its shown up, Ê, ô, ô, ô, ô

Ê, Ê, Ê, Ê Bring the Body to the brushes of electronics, ô, ô, ô

Ô, Ô, Ô, Ô to wear the poem-commercial
Make naked the body in samba

Ê, Ê, Ê, Ê Bring the body to be tattooed
defile the ass of samba
Hold the samba’s ass, that’s it, it’s shown up, ô!
Ê, ô, ô, ô, ô for the tattooing of the antennas, the antennas

Flesh isn’t sin
Flesh isn’t forbidden
Flesh is no lie

Ê, lead the body to the brushes

Smear the body to “round and round the mulberry bush”
Lick the body on “we all fall down”
Flesh is no lie
Flesh isn’t forbidden
Flesh isn’t sin
To expose the hips of tradition
To the burning iron of ads

Tickling traditions
Itching, scratching the traditions

(Inspired by Provisional Character of the Aesthetic, by Haroldo de Campos, in A arte no Horizonte do Provável -Zé)

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Jingle do Disco
Jingle of the Record


English Translation by Julio Fischer

Come on, buy this record.
It’s a very patient work;
Tom Zé! Tom Zé!
Every calm revolution
under a laser, hissless,
Tom Zé! Tom Zé!
Shall grant you relaxation,
high spirits and happiness!
Tom Zé!

(Inspired by Thomas Edison’s notorious ability to sell his ideas. -Zé)

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Lua - Gira - Sol
Moon Turn Flower


Grape moon
New moon
Bride moon, oh moonlight

Silk moon
Arpeggiate me
Palm, oh moonlight

Oh sunflower, whirl moonlight
Oh sunflower, whirl moonlight
Oh sunflower, whirl moonlight
Turn turn sunflower, turn moonlight

(In the first pages of Joseph and his Brothers, by Thomas Mann, Jacob finds Joseph worshipping the moon. -Zé)
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Multiplicar-se Unica
Multiply into One


Every song wants to multiply
In the multitude become one

Simple pleasure
Of resounding
In air
Sound of a voice
Sing for us
Vocal chords
Without home port
Bonds or knots

(Inspired by the modern mathematics of Cantor and the paradoxes of Cervante’s Don Quixote. -Zé)

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O Pão Nosso de Cada Mês
Our Monthly Bread


Turug - tug - I’ll pass
Turug - tug - this decade
Turug - tug - in a very bourgeois hen house
Turug - tug - eating
Turug - tug - my monthly portion of mass culture

Oh oh sitting on the living room sofa

In Januaries, I’ll eat New Years
In Februaries, I’ll eat Carnivals
And in Marches, I’ll eat a mother-in-law’s presents, oh baby,

Oh oh sitting on the living room sofa
In April, it’s an Easter present
And in Mays, I’ll eat a present for mother
And in June, I’ll eat the lover’s presents, oh baby.

Oh oh sitting on the living room sofa...

(I had a pleasant experience when I worked at an ad agency; it was a creative and exciting atmosphere. -Zé)

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To Love

To love, to love
Allow the heart
To reason
To only, to only, to only, to live only
To be
Skin to the other
And have and have and have
Bitterness immeasurable without having
Anyone or anything to weave for
And be
Like a little wand
That, scratching the earth,
Scatters, scatters in the sky
Beatles by the bushel
Of paper dreams
Because in life love is bile
And honey

All up so high
All down so low
All so quiet
All up so high
All down so low

(Inspired by the love of Dido for Eneas, after the War of Troy. Well, Simon Schama is skilled to make history; I just wrote a song. -Zé)

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