Shuggie Otis


Strawberry Letter 23
(words and music by Shuggie Otis)

Hello, my love, I heard a
Kiss from you,
Red magic satin
Playing near too.
All through the morning rain I gaze
The sun doesn’t shine,
Rainsbows and waterfalls run
Through my mind.
In the garden I see
West purple shower bells and tea,
Orange birds and river cousins
Dressed in green.
Pretty music I hear
So happy and loud,
Blue flower echo from
A cherry cloud.
Feel sunshine sparkle pink and blue,
Playgrounds will laugh if you
Try to ask "Is it cool?"
If you arrive and don’t see me,
I’m going to be.
With my baby
I am free
Flying in her arms
Over the sea.
Stained window yellow candy screen
See speakers of kite
With velvet roses diggin’
Freedom flight.
A present from you,
Strawberry letter twenty-two,
The music plays; I sit in
For a few.

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  Ice Cold Daydream
(words and music by Shuggie Otis)

I looked at you (girl)
I saw a smile;
For my love, you said,
You’d walk a mile.
Today I see your face,
You wear a frown;
Now you’re tellin’ me that
I’m a clown
What’s the reason for this
Sudden change?
I never thought that you would
Act so strange.
You say that I’m a bore and
We should part,
So you can go and make a
Brand new start.
You laughed at me and then I
Almost cried;
You hurt my heart so bad
I had to hide.
I’m gettin’ tired of listenin’
To your talk
I think I’ll go outside and
Take a walk;
Took my guitar and got up
Off the floor;
I must have a dozen off while you
Were next door.
My mind’s at ease now that I
Know you’re on my side;
That ice-cold daydream took me
For an ugly ride.

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