(Tom Zé / Vicente Barreto/ Carlos Rennó)

You think I’m a foolish country caboclo *
a type of empty headed little monkey
your typical rickety hill-billy
A mere number zero, a nobody
Pathetic poop, sluggish slow-wit
Automaton silly nincompoop ninny

I see through your mule-like optics
Oh, lick me inter-semiotic translation

Hold on to your seats milord, the mulatto baião
(He’s blacktie-ing himself)
Tuxedo-izes himself in the esthetic of the Arrastâo

Ca esteti ca estetu
Ca esteti ca estetu

Ca esteti ca estetu
Ca esteti do plágio-iê*

You think I’m a mad android candango
A mere mongoloid mongrel mame-luke
a tattered member of the skin and bones tribe
one of the poorest ragged, shabby mob

* Inlander — a copper-colored mulatto

** Play on ‘Esthetic of plagiarism’ in Portuguese