(Moacir Albuquerque / Tom Zé)

I’m scared to the bone
(it’s soon)
My youth’s an incinerator
(it’s later)
If you are held in esteem
(I scream)
If you prefer making sense
(I’m incensed)
Come soothe the madness
(with your caress)
Make this tender moment
When fate is mean
(a dream)
When luck is severe
(don’t go near)
No: that’s not what I feel
(I lie)
Burn this lunacy
(that has no cure)
Take me away from the rest
(with a gesture)
Be silent, my love, no arguemind
(with the lying mind)
Be my aching soul’s
If you refuse to look at me
(you strike me blind)
Let me be mad
(it’s not so bad)
Come what may,
(I’ll follow you all the way)

Arrastâo of the Provençal troubadours and their echoes