Lyrics by Geggy Tah

Welcome into the World
Spinning a swirl on her soft spot
The fertile slot it’s a girl
Let her run the show so we won’t rot
And leave em something worthwhile
Other than all the lies some men tell
Bodies to disappear into the unclear wishing well

Welcome into the World

Hear the echo echo extra loud
For there’s no water and all that’s left to reel in
In the bucket’s a little otter
Abaloneless the little otter’s a little softer
Her car pit is a mess time will tell
For all the wisher’s well

Welcome into the World

Wishing well I wish I could
Sell you where to get water
For your splish splash
About and loaf and fish
Reel in a little otter
A living thing is just a toy
Chest about to cave in
Is there enough for the girl of my boy

Welcome into the World
Welcome into the Great Big Wide World