There’s nothing like waking up early in the morning
Before the sun rise like a bomb exploding
A quick, cheap, massive way to kill a lot of fish
So we can eat and loaf – I got a load of this

Bomb Fishing we don’t need any worms
Bomb Fishing there’s nothing to squirm
Bomb Fishing except for those afraid
Bomb Fishing give ‘em a hand grenade

Do you wanna take a closer look at what’s goin down
Then you gotta look up and all around the town
Folks need food and not just soap operatic superfrantic
Television pope dope goes

Bomb Fishing it’s food on the table
Bomb Fishing we’re killed cuz we’re able
Bomb Fishing if you’re into fables
Bomb Fishing Flipper’s only on cable

A long time ago ice covered the land
People forgot all about their long intestines
Bananas are for monkeys, vegetables are boring
If we can’t remember our diets we’ll be snoring and going

Bomb Fishing there’s nothing left to fish
Bomb Fishing not even snorkling tourists
Bomb Fishing where can we get a meal
Bomb Fishing we’ll have to eat a hook made of steel

There’s nothing in the water
No cute little otters
We ate for a day

Bomb Fishing shall we kill another bay (of Saint’s),
Bahia, Brazil